Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode June 5, 2014

Broadcast on 05-Jun-2014

7:30pm - 9:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

love makes sweet music
the soft machine · rubble, vol. 20
hot smoke & sassafras
bubble puppy · n/a
uncle jack
spirit · s/t
i'll be late for tea
blossom toes · we are ever so clean
hypnotic suggestion
the vegetable garden · ugly things, vol. 4
the paupers · ellis island
smell of incense
the west coast pop art experimental band · volume two
ant trip ceremony · 24 hours
sacred cows
bent wind · sussex
fire eyes
the index · s/t
you sing your own song
the 23rd turnoff · the dream of michaelangelo
the peep show · the best of the rubble collection, vol. 1
hello enid
the mirage · tomorrow never knows
in a whirl
the look · the history of vancouver rock & roll, vol. 4
love games
kaleidoscope · egyptian candy
the good humor man, he sees everything like this
love · forever changes
old man
the collectors · seventeenth summer
p.s. elic
members blues band · who will buy these wonderful evils, vol. 2
pop full hair
chico magnetic band · s/t
dom kallar oss mods
lea riders group · searchin' for shakes
mother no-head
group 1850 · agemo's trip to mother earth
mr. guy fawkes
the dave miller set · ugly things, vol. 4