Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode April 3, 2008

Broadcast on 03 April, 2008

7:30pm - 9:00pm

The Misunderstood feature, Moody Blues album side, and a brief look at first-wave San Francisco groups.

Track Listing:

What the Arthur Fuck
Mannlicher Carcano · Trouble Comes in Threes
War Measures Act
Mannlicher Carcano · Trouble Comes in Threes
Track 1
Noizefer CWU · Recent Works CDR
Trailing Moss in Mystic Glow
Oren Ambarchi · In the Pendulum's Embrace
In My Arms
She is So Beautiful/She is So Blonde · S/T
Act I - Introduction
At Hand Productions · Prophecies of War
Time , Speed, Language
Steve Fisk · 999 Levels of Undo
Black Tide
Neptune · Gong Lake
David Hamilton
Laila France · Orgonon
Aquel Inviernu
Mus · Aida