Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode December 6, 2007

Broadcast on 06 December, 2007

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Side 1 of Music In A Doll's House, a feature on Kensington Market, some new stuff, and some African stuff.

Track Listing:

Syklubb fra Haelvete
Fe-Mail · Syklubb fra Haelvete
The Hollows
Laurie Spiegel · The Femail of the Species
Ruth Anderson · Women in Electronic Music
Keep me Updated
Anne Laplentine
The Demonstration: For Radia Network
Anna Friz · free103.9
Linda Rae Dornan · Deep Wireless 4
The Piano
PJ Harvey · White Chalk
Noah's Ark
Coco Rosie
Dork at 12 O'clock
Solex · Pick Up
Alles Sehen
Ellen Allien · Berlinette
Bored of Techno / Can't Speak Now
Listen with sarah · The world of...
Life at War
Denise Levertov · Women in Audio Art
Mind Whore
Genevieve Pasquier · Soap Bubble Factory
The Tempest
Meri Von Kliensmid · Women Take Back the Noise
Plastic Footsteps
Dark Muse · Women Take Back the Noise
I Can / Japan
Miranda July · Binet Simon Test
My Animal is Sore
[sic] · ... and Rabbits Named Friday
Drop Your Pants
Hilary · Goose Step Two Step
Face Place
Slits · Return of the Giant
Christmas All Year Round
People Like Us · At the Tate Modem 12/04