Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode November 8, 2007

Broadcast on 08 November, 2007

7:30pm - 9:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

a paw in my face
the field · from here we go sublime
Black Dice · Load Blown
Little Steps
Nostalgia 77 · Everything Under the Sun
the Patron
The Patron · To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie
Rant Reeling
Toykult · sow loco
Violent Disposers
Rubbish · 1994 - 1999
Pillar of Shit and Blood
Rubbish · 1994 - 1999
Anus Presley · Music to Listen To When You're Dead
The Universe is Designed to Break Your Mind
Burning Star Core · Blood Lightning 2007
The Squeeky Play
Crawling with Tarts · Crawling With Tarts / Big City Orchestra - Tryst 3
a walk with you
Contagious Orgasm with Telepherique · Crosses Deeply
Mecaniblock (Pilote)
Vromb · Emission Pilote