Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode September 27, 2007

Broadcast on 27 September, 2007

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Seven versions of 7 And 7 Is, not one of which is by Rush. Nobody calls for 30 minutes during a free Black Lips tix giveaway.

Track Listing:

rx · The Party
i want a cookie
Evolution control committee · plagiarythm nation
I Am Truly Fully Liscensed Hairstylist
Tas 1000 · A Message for Marta
Meat Supply
Porest · Tourrorists
If Someone Touches You
People Like Us/Jet Black Hair People/Wobbly · What's The Use?
escape mechanism
Success Through Vibration
Tape Beatles · Good Times
Tempus Trumpus
Listen with Sarah · The World of Listen With Sarah ep
Oh Suzanna
People Like Us
Senior Office Mangler
AWIA · Parts
Eat Pills
Stop Children · Chaos Music
A Door is Closing
The Button · Free Speech for Sale
Internet Traffic
The Piss · the Piss
Fly Me to Ney York
Cassetteboy · The Parker Tapes
Graveyard Cafe · The Act of Snuggles
Love is the Alcohol
Fossil · Party Like it's Only $19.99
Tops & Shloks
Humdinger · demo
Osymyso · Osymyso
My Favorite Things
Negativland · No Business
The Bran Flakes
Three Blind Mice
Twink · Broken Record
someday I'll live
Headphoner and Nurse
Die Jagd
Oleg Kostrow
Worl of the Decepticons
Chris Burke · Idioglossia
how bazooka joe lost an eye
wayne butane