St.Tropez Episode September 21, 2008

Broadcast on 21-Sep-2008

5:05am - 6:00am

Song list for Sep.21/08
1.act of apostle-BELLE & SEBASTIAN
2.e.m.p.t.y.-THE CLIENTELE
3.slow down at the castle-ST.ETIENNE
4.diana ross-THE CONCRETES
5.fairy cakes for tea-MIKE QUINN & THE BREADCRUMBS
6.seen through the light-THE MOOCHE
7.i feel like going out-PETER & GORDON
8.the grooviest girl in the world-THE FUN & GAMES
9.holly golightly-FLUFF
10.yellow brick road-THE MINDBENDERS
11.oh vanity-THE CHARLATANS
12.snow in california-THE STILLS
13.bright neon payphone-CUT COPY