Spit In Your Ear Episode March 3, 2022

No Service Fee !!! (and you'll be set free)

7:06pm - 8:03pm

Suuuper special fill-in for 24 HOURS OF STUDENT POWER !!!! This episode showcases the most cathartic of student projects that YOU can also be a part of! Tune in to hear all about M01E (and check out their IG @mys01doutreverie so you never miss an update).

Track Listing:

M01E · Bait - S1E1
M01E · Bait - S1E1
M01E · Bait - S1E1
i miss eating big league chew and watching nitro in the basement of your old hou
The Golden Age of Wrestling · Crossface Chicken Wing
Bad Girls - Leo Justi Remix
M.I.A. · Bad Girls (The Remixes)