Spicy Boys Episode March 10, 2017

Sexy Simba

2:31am - 5:19am

Timely and classic hardcore punkrock and also furry love.

Track Listing:

Rise Above
Black Flag · Damaged
Void · Void
Banned In DC
Bad Brains · Bad Brains
You Call It Love
Angry Angles · Your Bugging Me To Death
Trouble At The Cup
Black Randy And The Metro Squad · Trouble At The Cup
Bronze · Bronze
Chicken Wing
Lonely Parade · No Shade
The Hope and the Failure - I Lost Myself in the Hours I Wasted On You
Heavy Weather · The Hope And The Failure
Give Violence A Chance
G.L.O.S.S. · Trans Day Of Revenge
Too Soon?
Anteater · In The Cheese
Outpatient · Demo
Peeping Tom
Dreaded Rebels · Doing The Dirty