Spicy Boys Episode February 23, 2017

Sleepy Expiremental

1:02am - 3:55am

A real sleepy time playing some various experimental styles and just having a real sleepy time. Also eating as many saltines as possible.

Track Listing:

Carry Stress In The Jaw
Mr. Bungle · Disco Volante
Mr. Bungle · Mr. Bungle
None Of Them New They Were Robots
Mr. Bungle · California
Soup Is Good Food
Dead Kennedys · Frankenchrist
Lovely Butterfly
Melvins · Honky
The Maras · Wax Beach
Tout Petite Moineau
Igorrr · Hallelujah
Repent Bonus
Cares · Who Else Are You
Titanium Tunnels · The Last Astronaut...
Taj Mahal
Bugskull · Bugskull & The Big White Cloud
Four Hours Twice A Week
Shhh · Be Quite
Citizens Ban(ne)d Radio
WHOOP-Szo · Citizen's Ban?(?ne?)?d Radio
What We Done
Austra · Olympia
Exaggerated Freedom Study
Psychic Pollution · AI Existential Intelligence Report
loose pistons less
l.n. baba · no man is an internet