Special Broadcast Episode November 8, 2022

Astral Jazz (Part 2)

1:07pm - 1:59pm

The pioneers of spiritual, avant-garde, and free jazz. A discussion on the extended techniques used in these sub-genres related to overblowing.

Track Listing:

Come Sunday
Anthony Braxton · recital paris 1971
Anthony Braxton · New York, Fall 1974
N-WH-70 (Opus 23B)
Anthony Braxton · New York, Fall 1974
Tomorrow is the Question!
Ornette Coleman · The Genisus of Genius: The Contemporary Albums
Movement 1
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, & the London Symphony Orchestra · Promises
Ghosts: First Variation
Albert Ayler · Spiritual Unity
Masonic Inborn (Part 1)
Albert Ayler · Music is the Healing Force of the Universe
Elaheh Naaz
Moein · Parvaz
n/a · n/a
n/a · n/a