Special Broadcast Episode October 23, 2022

A Taylor Swift Celebration

5:59pm - 6:59pm

Today, we’re celebrating the release of Taylor Swift’s newest album Midnights, which was released on October 21st. This is a concept album, which is supposed to encompass 13 sleepless nights across Taylor’s life. But in typical Taylor Swift chaotic fashion, after releasing the 13-track album at midnight EST, Taylor surprised us all by releasing 7 more songs at 3 am, as an album called Midnights (3am edition). Most of these new songs were created with Taylor’s long-time collaborator Jack Antanoff, but a few on the 3 am edition are produced by Aaron Dessner, of The National, who was a major collaborator on Taylor’s last two albums, Folklore and Evermore.

I’m joined by two of my most Taylor Swift obsessed friends, Olivia deBourcier and Hana Ambury, to talk a bit about Midnights as a whole, and to play you some of the new tracks. We’ve spent the whole weekend listening to this album on repeat, and we’ve prepared some pairings of Midnights tracks with older Taylor Swift tracks that they remind us of, and we’re going to be talking a bit about our thoughts on the new songs and these pairings.

Track Listing:

Taylor Swift · Midnights
The Archer
Taylor Swift · Lover
Taylor Swift · Midnights
Taylor Swift · folklore
Dear John
Taylor Swift · Speak Now
Would've, Could've, Should've
Taylor Swift · Midnights (3am Edition)
Vigilante Shit
Taylor Swift · Midnights
Don't Blame Me
Taylor Swift · reputation
Taylor Swift · Midnights