Special Broadcast Episode August 8, 2022

In This Place We Belong

3:00pm - 4:00pm

This summer eight high school students from the Museum of Anthropology learned how to podcast at CiTR.

Catch them share their stories about place and what place means to each of them in this audio documentary titled, "In This Place We Belong" featuring an original song "Fluctuate" by Hailee Stogan. All of these stories are deeply personal and required a lot of vulnerability.

CONTENT WARNING: the following stories mention residential schools; intergenerational trauma; racism; alcoholism; and self-harm, that some may find triggering. Please take care of yourself.

The order is as follows:
Hailee Stogan
Drea Nisyok
Amai Campbell
Emma Lefebvre-Tatti
Jesse Johnson-Taylor
Tamara Hall
Kiera Yeomans-Stevens
Closing Credits
Fluctuate by Hailee Stogan

Producer: Hina Imam
Production Assistants: MK Magtoto and Ruby Ravvin
OST: Hailee Stogan
Transition Music: Aria Viveiros
Special thanks to Jasper Sloan Yip

If you want to learn more about the Native Youth Program, visit moa.ubc.ca/indigenous-access-and-engagement/nyp/

Track Listing:

Hailee Stogan · Single