Special Broadcast Episode November 9, 2021

Unashamedly Reliant on Genius Lyrics

6:07pm - 7:05pm

Today I'm playing some things that have been on heavy rotation for me the past week: some songs I stole from my sibling's Instagram, some Rolling Stone recs, and some new releases.

Also, I did remember that term - UNRELIABLE NARRATOR. Yikes, this "English major" is feeling a bit fraudulent.

Track Listing:

La Femme · Paradigmes
Secrets (Your Fire)
Magdalena Bay · Mercurial World
Goat Girl · On All Fours
Hasta La Vista
Dream Wife · So When You Gonna...
Valley Lodge · Use Your Weapons
Jump Rope Gazers
The Beths · Jump Rope Gazers
Kiwi jr. · Cooler Returns
I Wish I Was Him
Noise Addict · -
Cut Lips
Weatherday · Come In
Not an Addict
K's Choice · Paradise in Me
Try Hard Fool
The Growlers · Natural Affair
Pine Point
Pup · The Dream is Over