Special Broadcast Episode August 20, 2021

Where We Begin: A Collection of Origin Stories

1:00pm - 1:43pm

This summer, six talented teenagers from the Museum of Anthropology's Native Youth Program learned to podcast at CiTR.

Each youth took a unique approach to exploring their Indigenous identity through sound.

Hear them share stories from their nations as well as their personal stories in this audio documentary titled, "Where we begin: a collection of origin stories" featuring an original song called Jailbird by Mackenzie Fong.

The order is as follows:

Amai Campbell
Tamara Hall
Mackenzie Fong
Mackenzie Kew
Kiera Yeomans-Stevens
Gabe Ironeagle
Jailbird by Mackenzie Fong

If you want to learn more about the Native Youth Program, visit moa.ubc.ca/indigenous-access-and-engagement/nyp/

Track Listing:

Epiphonie · single