Special Broadcast Episode November 27, 2020

24HOSP2020 Exec Playlist

1:00am - 3:00am

Special Broadcast for 24 Hours of Student Power! A playlist brought to you by CiTR's student executive filled with our favourite tunes.

Track Listing:

Easy Pieces
Quite Like This · Easy Pieces
Quite Like This · Easy Pieces
April Sun
Sara Carbone · April Sun
Old as the Hills
Tiny Ruins · Some Were Meant for Sea
Shampoo Bottles
Peach Pit · Shampoo Bottles
Mild High Club · Skiptracing
Young Buck
Braids · Shadow Offering
Dominic Fike
King of Everything · Don't Forget About Me
Ought · Room Inside The World
Bridge of the Gods
Kipling Bose · Bridge of the Gods
Keen · Notice
Unstoppable - FKJ Remix
Lianne La Havas, FKJ · Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)
Said the Whale · Cascadia
How Many Times
Current Swell · Buffalo
Scott Helman · Hôtel de Ville
Luna Li · Afterglow
Simple Life
Maybe Babs · Simple Life
Love Language
Harley Alexander · I'm Feeling Things
Texas Hold Me
Tonk · Songs to Glorify The Peasant and His Tractor
Goodnight (feat. Gabriel Pick & Your Hunni)
Glenn Gould, Gabriel Pick, Your Hunni · Uninvited Guests
Tyong Knots in the Devil's Tail
Colter Wall · Songs of the Plains
A Tribe Called Red, Yassin Bey, Narcy · We Are the Halluci Nation
Son of the Sun
Willie Dunn · Native North America
Mode Wakes · Xist
Um, Excuse Me, I Think There's Tears in my Slurpee
Tiger Really · Um, Excuse Me, I Think There's Tears in my Slurpee
Tiger Really · Colorblinded
Modern Replica
Mode Wakes · Xist
Prado · STRIP
I Tell Myself
Cartoon Lizard · Bless You, Thank You
Sauna Song
Troll Dolly · Sauna Song