Special Broadcast Episode November 25, 2020

I Come From The Mountain

8:00pm - 9:00pm

New Music from CJSF 90.1 FM Music Director Ricky Castandeo Laredo.

Track Listing:

Hunkered Down In A Government Town
Area Resident · Jardinova
Kettle Boiling
Potatohead People · Mellow Fantasy
Lunch Money Life · Immersion Chamber
Shygirl · ALIAS
Cheekface · Emphatically No
Pillow Talk
Self-Cut Bangs · Self-Cut Bangs
Oceanator · Things I Never Said
Sweatpants Spiderman
Open Mike Eagle · Anime, Trauma and Divorce
Sunday Cruise
People of the Sun · Last Day of Summer
Dark Star
Soft Fossil · Dark Star
End of this World Togther
Lal · Meteors Could Come Down
Run Run Run
Kinnie Star · Edge of the Knife
Iress · Flaw