Special Broadcast Episode May 16, 2019

Access Day 2019 - CiTR 101.9FM: The History of Access Day and Global Accessibility Awareness Day and How Microsoft addresses accessibility and adaptive technology

9:00am - 9:59am

Deepi Leihl and Alison Klein dig into the history of Access Day, how it came about, and how it’s changed over the past five years. Followed by interviews with Morgan Yee, one of the founders of Global Accessibility Awareness Day and an interview with Microsoft’s Accessibility Lead Ricardo Wager, where Alison Klein and Deepi Leihl gain insight into how adaptive technology is being integrated into Microsoft hardware and software and what that means for disabled users.


Deepi Leihl has been involved at CiTR since 2012 in various capacities. In addition to sitting on CiTR & Discorder’s Accessibility Committee, she is also CiTR’s Accessibility Collective Coordinator and has been producing content around accessibility and adaptive technology through radio.

Alison Klein is a member of CiTR’s Accessibility Collective and works closely with Vancouver’s disabled Jewish community and is an advocate for folks on the autism spectrum. She has fun doing what she loves, which is making radio.