Special Broadcast Episode May 16, 2019

Access Day 2019 - CiTR 101.9FM: Adaptive Technology and Fashion

5:07pm - 6:10pm

CiTR’s Accessibility Collective poses a question: is there accessible and adaptable clothing and accessories for people with disabilities? Thanks to the interview with Taylor Bryom (founder of TAYLORHART.DESIGN clothing) and stories like Tommy Hilfiger, slowly and surely, it is! We also talk to Jennifer Light Chan (a fashion designer, beautifier and makeup artist) who has a disability herself. Followed by a conversation with panelists Kevin Tija, Alison MK, and Yat Li to discuss adaptive technology and fashion.


CiTR’s Accessibility Collective produces ‘All Access Pass‘ which explores issues of inclusion, equity, and accessibility for people with diverse cognitive and physical abilities, on campus and beyond.