Special Broadcast Episode August 28, 2018

Victory Square Preview Week - Devours

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Jeff, the Virgo from Devours, joins Dora on air with some of his favorite local songs and talents in preparation for Victory Square Block Party.

Track Listing:

Bird Sanctuary
Only A Vistor · Lines
chances are high
Jerk Jails · [single]
Maneater · Maneater
Whisper To Me
The April Fools Childrenhood · Low Colour
Garnet Graves
Devours · Pop Alliance Vol. 5
Fresh Bruise
Chris-a-riffic · Post-Season
Not Scared
anybodys · Necessity of Contrast
Birthday Bitch · 26
I'm Blue
Kimmortal · [single]
Time and I
Devours · [single]