Special Broadcast Episode August 17, 2017

The State of Queer Media with Robin Perelle of DailyXtra

5:25pm - 5:52pm

DailyXtra is Canada’s leading LGBTQ+ media organization and was founded in 1971 to advance the struggle for queer rights and sexual liberation. In this Pride 2017 special broadcast, CiTR's Current Affairs Coordinator, Alex de Boer, sat down with Robin Perelle, the Editorial Director of DailyXtra, to discuss her thoughts on the state of Canada’s queer media. The interview's theme was inspired by a July episode of Canadaland, which features a panel discussion on the same topic. Over the course of the interview, Robin addresses the changing relationship between Vancouver's queer community and the police, how Xtra’s mandate to serve its readers continues to evolve and the role of privilege in remaining nonpolitical.