Special Broadcast Episode November 28, 2016

UBC Creative Writing Songwriting Students Live Performance!

5:32pm - 6:35pm

On Monday November 28, UBC Creative Writing Students from CRWR 411/511 "Advanced Lyric Forms" came to the CiTR studios to share both live and pre-recorded versions of duets they've been collaborating on over the past few weeks. Check out the podcast to hear the songs and a discussion with the songwriters!

CRWR 411/511, "Advanced Lyric Forms", is an advanced lyric writing class that provides students an opportunity to compose, share and finally discuss their songs and their creative work. The exchange of feedback plays a big part in everyone developing their craft. Each week, the class "workshops"--i.e., has informed discussions about--three songs written by the students of the class. The class discusses ways in which the song is successful in conveying its central ideas and some possible areas for improvement.

For further info on CRWR 411/511 and how to enroll, please contact Tariq Hussain at: tariq.hussain@ubc.ca. The full description of CRWR 411/511 can be found on the UBC Creative Writing website here: http://creativewriting.ubc.ca/prospective-students/graduate/mfa-courses/

Track Listing:

Gather on the Wind and Drive
Sebastien Wen + Eleanor Panno · Single
See-Thru Legs
Scary Lie Weed (Alex Day + Cole Klassen) · Single
Won't Fade
Mikiko Galpin + Fiona Brohamer + Megan Andres · Single
Live Without You
Emily Peck + Nico McEown · Single
Didn't Give In
Michaela Bray + Denby Taylor · Single
One Night Stand
Mica Lemiski + Derrick Gravener · Single