Special Broadcast Episode September 19, 2016

Place Vanier Involvement Fair

6:00pm - 7:00pm

We broadcast live from Place Vanier, one of UBC's Residences, for a Student Involvement Fair. Join hosts Rach Lau, Emily Stryker, and Jonathan Kew for interviews with new students, discussion about how to get involved in campus and community initiatives, and about the challenges and successes of acclimating to university life.

Track Listing:

Golden Phone
Micachu · Jewellery
Reverse of a Crystal // Murder of a Spider
Yamantaka Sonic Titan · YT//ST
Nothing to Du
Dog Day · Deformer
Impossible Babes
Alf Haus · Nite Prison
Dead Bird
Fortress · Tape
TOPS · Tender Opposites
Radiating Lust
Modern Creatures · Radiating Lust