Special Broadcast Episode January 11, 2014

The Student Leadership Conference 2014 Live Broadcast of Alia Dharamsi

10:38am - 11:30am

Alia Dharamsi
Outstanding Future Alumna Award winner & passionate philantropist

Ms. Dharamsi is a fourth year medical student at UBC, with a background in International Health. She aspires for a diverse career including her interests in global health, addictions and mental health, urban poverty, and rural medicine. She has worked in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for over eight years, on health projects in rural communities throughout BC, and on educational initiatives in Central America. She aspires to use social media and technological innovation in medical education, to bring critical care resources to remote communities only otherwise accessible by air or sea. In her spare time she’s an avid runner and swimmer, and can usually be found on the trails or in the lakes of BC’s great outdoors.