Sounds Gay, I'm In! Episode February 12, 2021

Fundrive Special

10:01am - 10:46am

Can Valentine's Day be queered? For the Fundrive 2021 special, the collective talks queer love stories (fictional and real), the importance of Glee gays, and Superbowl half-time specials.

Ever stared at your crush til they noticed you and became your gf? Well, it happens! William interviews Makaila Wenezenki about her WLW love story come true.

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Track Listing:

Fall Asleep
Big Joanie · Sistahs
Love Goes On
Hannah Diamond · Reflections
SOPHIE · Product
Beautiful Brain
Mabel Ye · Still Nineteen
Let's Get Married (Bleachers Cover)
Mitski · Terrible Thrills Vol. 3