Soul Sandwich Episode May 18, 2017

Soul Sandwich May 18: s-k8-er gurl

7:45pm - 9:00pm

Ola is in the studio with a special guest — ITS KATE COLENBRANDER. Kate, the current video editor at The Ubyssey, is coming to terms with the fact that some artists that she once looked up to are problematic. She decides to show us a way forward from here.

Track Listing:

Tron Song
Thundercat · Apocalypse
I bet on losing dogs
Mitski · Puberty 2
low hymnal
Told Slant · Going by
Fish Bowl
Kero Kero Bonito- Frankie Cosmos Remix · Fish Bowl (Frankie Cosmos Remix)
Lose my cool
Amber Marks · 3:33am
My Way
Txmmy · My Way
Fall together
Pomo · Fall Together
Fall Back
Vials · Fall Back
Flower City
Haviah Mighty · Flower City
Rent is Due
Lou Phelps · Rent is due
Kokamoe Freestyle
Gold Link · At What Cost