Soul Sandwich Episode October 1, 2015

Soul Sandwich S2 E9: Protest

4:12pm - 5:11pm

Rohit (DJ rawheat) is back on the show- saving Ola from his lonely existence- and they bring you the hottest protest songs they can think of. They start off with Tef Poe's War Cry, a diss track to Governor of Missouri Jay Nixon and Captain Roe Johnson, in the aftermath of the Mike Brown killing, go through Canadian artists like K'naan, A tribe called red and Sweatshop Union, and then go back in time to bring you jams from famous dissenters and political activists like Fela Kuti, Rage against the machine and Gil Scott Heron.
TLDR: We play music music that is politically charged this episode on the eve of the Canadian elections (42) and on the nigerian independence day.

Track Listing:

War cry
Tef Poe · War Machine 2
K'naan · Take a minute
The Charade
D'angelo · Black Messiah
A tribe called red · A tribe called Red
Blue collar ballad
Sweatshop Union · Local 604
Fela Kuti · Best of the black president
Guerilla Radio
Rage against the machine · Battle of Los Angeles
The revolution will not be televised
Gil Scott Heron · The revolution will not be televised