Son of Nite Dreems (2009) Episode January 26, 2009

Son of Nite Dreems/Jan.26/09

5:59am - 7:45am

Tonight's transmission transcends from BBC robot feature from Opera presentaion of CARMEN at the Queen E. Theatre back to the 50' UFO reports with Michael Strainic worldwide!!
Join jolly John Tanner's tribute to the"Three Stars" , who died in a plane crash 50 years ago on February 3rd/1959.
*PLANTS & ANIMALS, Guru/Sinnerman...*GIRL NOBODY, I'll Shake It...TOMMY DEE & CAROL KAY, The Three Stars...RITCHIE VALENS, Come On Let's Go, Donna, La Bamba...BUDDY HOLLY, It's So Easy, Think It Over, Rave On...THE BIG BOPPER, Chantilly Lace,
EDDIE COCHRAN, The Three Stars...*JUNIOR BOYS, FM (Tensnake Remix)...JULEE CRUISE, Falling...*TOKYO POLICE CLUB, The Harrowing Adventure...KRAFTWERK, Neon Lights...*VALUE VILLAGE PEOPLE, Feliz Navi Dada...*THE DEARS, Disclaimer...
from Seattle's "Experience Music Project" JOE BOOT & THE FABULOUS WINDS...THE COUNTS, Turn On Song. fini HAPPY TRAILS *CND followed by Gary K & Radio Free GAK....<><>