Son of Nite Dreems (2009) Episode January 28, 2008

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5:59am - 7:33am

DON'T PANIC - Asteroid 2007TU24 won't hit the earth. It's 1.4 x the distance to the moon. Lots of ufo's over Texas though. Join Michael Strainic our ufo expert with more news regarding this enigma, plus jolly John Tanner your Astronomical host with Nimrod, son of semi-legendary dee jay JBShayne(Cpt.Midnite) delving into the world we live in plus a few tunes to insure it goes round. THE FIERY FURNACES, Cabaret Of The Seven Devils...VALUE VILLAGE PEOPLE, Bu**ship...THE KILLS, I Hate The Way You Love...JASON COLLETT, Roll On Oblivion...ROBERT WYATT, A Beautiful Peace...BLACK MOUNTAIN, Queens Will Play...CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, Clear Spot...DAVID BYRNE, In The Future...LSD 49, MIG-25...THE SMITHS, The Headmaster Ritual...THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, Challengers....RADIOHEAD, All INeed...
THE SLEEPY JACKSON, You Needed More...THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS, It's Not Really Cold When It Snows. fini