Son of Nite Dreems (2009) Episode January 14, 2008

Radio Radio

5:59am - 7:33am

A brand new year and another exciting adventure with Nimrod, son of semi-legendary broadcaster JBShayne(Cpt.Midnite) and long-time radio dj, jolly John Tanner. Hear up to date ufo reports from the UK & B.C. with Michael Strainic, our aerial phenomina expert. As usual Nimrod fills us in on movies, the latest dirt on politics and the world of music, while too tall Tanner keeps an eye on the heavens above. Tonights tunes include: BAT FOR LASHES, Sarah...SUNSET RUBDOWN, The Mending Of The Gown...GO BETWEENS, Cattle And Cane...THE BE GOOD TANYAS, For The Turnstiles...TOM WAITS, All The Time...BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE Presents KEVIN DREW, Big Love...RADIOHEAD, House Of Cards...MAVIS STAPLES, 99 and 1/2...MOKA ONLY, When?...MICK HARVEY, A Walk On The Wild Side...LUKE DOUCET, Long Haul Driver...SAINT ETIENNE, Teenage Winter. fini