Son of Nite Dreems (2009) Episode November 19, 2007

Broadcast on 19-Nov-2007 Radio Radio

6:00am - 7:33am

Startling stories of ufos over UBC from Michael Strainic and even more terrifying tales of people, places and music with Nimrod, son of semi-legendary dj, Captain Midnite JBShayne and your even keeled moderator, jolly John Tanner, ever searching for the truth. Tonights Tunes: BAND OF HORSES, Is There A Ghost..STARS, Window Bird...MIA, Jimmy...RODNEY GRAHAM, Autumn Complaint
THURSTON, The Shape Is In A Trance...AMY WINEHOUSE, Help Yourself...TOKYO POLICE CLUB, Be Good (RAC Remix)...SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, Batterea Odyssey...
BUCK 65, Dang...BOB DYLAN, Highway 61 Revisited...THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS
Entering White Cecillia...THE FIERY FURNACES, My Egyptian Grammar...JENS LEKMAN, Shirin. fini