Son of Nite Dreems (2009) Episode January 29, 2007

Radio Radio

5:59am - 7:29am

Special Guest: Randy Rampage, "Looney Tunes, D.O.A., Stress Factor 9".
Hosted by Nimrod, son of semi-legendary Vancouver dj J.B.Shayne & "Jolly" John
Tanner (long John) vetran radio dj - both partners in "Nite Dreems", 1976-1983
Western Canada's first video-radio program, which featured D.O.A. live in the studio and video-taped on location around Shaunessey and Kitsilano in 1980.
PLAYLIST 6-7:30 pm. Sparks, Arcade Fire, Broadcast, D.O.A., T-Rex, Lloyd Cole,
Pere Ubu, Scotties cut and paste-project, The Roots, Stress Factor 9, Deerhoof,
Sufjan Stevens & the Raveonettes.