Soca Storm Episode February 2, 2024

Carnival Countdown is on so is #FunDrive e.175

9:00pm - 10:59pm

Its totally almost Carnival, infract I'm writing this from Trinidad the Carnival Meca where I'll be the next three weeks. This pre record is right on the pulse of Carnival 2024. I can confirm this now that I've been here a few days and been to several fetes where these very songs are pumping. So enjoy this episode. Also its CiTR 101.9FM's annual fundrive our fund raiser for the radio station. This station is so unique that we can play commercial free, alternative to main stream music presenting cultural shows like #SOCASTORM (now in its 7th year). This show builds community of #SOCAVANCOUVER I am not paid to produce this show, I do it out of passion and love of the music and a desire to share it with you the listener. Its a lot of work to produce weekly. I ask once a year for your support by making a donation large or small to CiTR (the radio station not me) in the name of #SOCASTORM to help keep this amazing station on the air giving home to our awesome show. Please visit now I would be so very grateful. Hey and if you have a business and make a donation of $60 or more, I will plug your business on the air for at least 10 episodes. I guarantee you this is the most affordable radio advertising you will find. Finally I'm not sure I'll be able to produce a real carnival show from here in Trinidad, so I bid you all a happy Carnival and I'll catch you all up in the next live show in a couple weeks when I return. Thanks for your support DJ Palancer #RPPSOUND

Track Listing:

Feather (Snip Hitz) (Soca 2024)
Nadia Batson · Single
Feather (Mega Kutz) (Soca 2024)
Nadia Batson · Single
Best Self (Main) (Soca 2024)
Nailah Blackman & Lyrikal · Single
Born To Fly (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Nailah Blackman ft Pumpa · Single
Mashup Day (Main) (Soca 2024)
Iwer George, Problem Child & Sekon Sta · Single
Greatness (Main) (Soca 2024)
Fay Ann Lyons ft Problem Child · Single
Anxiety (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Patrice Roberts · Single
The Return (Main) (Soca 2024)
Voice & Alison Hinds · Single
Sky (Main) (Soca 2024)
Motto · Single
Hairy Bank (Main) (Soca 2024)
J Angel · Single
My All (Main) (Soca 2024)
Nadia Batson · Single
Jump Up (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Bunji Garlin · Single
Links (Muv Bass Edit) (Soca 2024)
Bunji Garlin · Single
Blame Yuhself (Muv Bass Edit) (Soca 2024)
Fay Ann Lyons · Single
Beat Rum Bad (Secret Society Remix) (Main) (Soca 2024)
Wadicks · Single
DNA (Secret Society Remix) (Main) (Soca 2024)
Teja · Single
DNA (Madness Muv & D Ninja Roadmix) (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Mical Teja · Single
Holiday (D Ninja X Muv Roadmix) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Problem Child · Single
One Ah Dem (Secret Society Remix) (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Shal Marshall · Single
Search Party (Secret Society Remix) (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Preedy · Single
Search Party (Muv Short Edit) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Preedy · Single
Everytime (Muv Short Edit) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Nadia Batson · Single
Endless Vibration (Muv Short Edit) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Marge Blackman & Nailah Blackman · Single
Backazz (Secret Society Remix) (Soca 2024)
Sekon Sta & Yung Bredda · Single
Express Yuhself (Secret Society Remix) (Soca 2024)
Salty & Sackie · Single
To My Ex (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Nessa Preppy · Single
Express Yuhself (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Salty & Sackie · Single
Good Medicine (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Jaiga · Single
How Ah Livin (Secret Society Remix) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Farmer Nappy · Single
Power (Soca 2018)
3Canal · Single
Vibes We Like
3canal · Single
Dutti (Secret Society Remix) (Soca 2024)
Swappi · Single
Party Here Today (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Maleek ST · Single
Whole Day (Soca 2024)
Yung Bredda · Single
Stick On (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Lyrikal · Single
Shameless (Muv Short Edit)
Skinny Fabulous · Single
Head Gone (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Viking Ding Dong · Single
Pump (Groovy Soca 2024)
College Boy Jesse · Single
Carnival Contract (Soca 2024)
Bunji Garlin · Single
Excellence (Main) (Soca 2024)
Super Blue · Single
Road Friends (Soca 2024)
Nessa Preppy & Skinny Fabulous · Single
You, Soca Or Money (Muv Short Edit) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Nadia Batson & Dan Evens · Single
Banga (D Ninja & Madness Muv Remix) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Kes · Single
Market (Secret Society Remix) (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Nadia Batson · Single
Traffic Jam (Soca 2024)
Skinny Fabulous & Tempa · Single
Badam (Soca 2024)
Motto · Single
Sweet (Main) (Soca 2024)
Kevin Lyttle, Mr. Rakka & Keshav · Single
Tack Back (DJ Dee Remix) (Soca 2024)
Kes · Single
Bare Good Vibes (Muv Short Edit) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Shal Marshall · Single
Best Jam Ever (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Patrice Roberts · Single
Rum, Gyal & Money (Muv Short Edit) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Rome · Single
Niceness (Muv Roadmix) (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Preedy · Single
Party Budget (Muv Short Edit) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Kris Kennedy · Single
When Last (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
GBM Nutron & Jus Jay King · Single
Jam On Something (Madness Muv & D Ninja Road Mix) (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Fatha & Azaryah · Single
In The Center (D Ninja & Madness Muv Road Mix) (Groovy Soca 2024)
GBM Nutron & Farmer Nappy · Single
DNA (Madness Muv & D Ninja 128 To 150 To 128 BPM Temp Drive Up Road Mix) (Groovy
Mical Teja · Single
Carnival Contract (Muv Short Edit) (Soca 2024)
Bunji Garlin · Single
Nevermind (Soca 2024)
Fay Ann Lyons · Single
110 Overcharge (Soca 2024)
Bunji Garlin · Single
Feather (Main) (Soca 2024)
Nadia Batson · Single
Search Party (Main) (Groovy Soca 2024)
Preedy · Single