Ska-T's Scene-ik Drive Episode January 30, 2009

Broadcast on 30-Jan-2009

10:00am - 12:00pm


the skints, s/t, n55,
subcity dwellers, , after my heart,
kinky coo coos, montjuic boneyard, montjuic boneyard,
kinky coo coos, montjuic boneyard, better,

baba brooks, , duck soup,
easy big fella, , found love,
the One night band, Hit n run, sammy,
desorden publico, , hipnosis,
O'luge & Citizen Cope, movements, coming back,
dubblestandart, , 10 tons of dope,
the Lions , , cumbia del leon
the orobians, , this is the day
the orobians, , the Godfather,

rude city riot, , don't go away,
hot knives, , in my dreams,
hotknives, , dave and mary,
the Slackers, self medication, happy song,
chris murray, cbc session, ska music,
Tim Armstrong & the Aggrolites, , oh no,
Satori, , celebration,
menahan street band, , montego sunset,
Dubmatix, Renegade Rocker, Happy dub,

bob marley & wailers, , one love
lord tanamo, , taller than you are,
judge dread & dr ring ding, , big 5,
cartoon violence, whatever happened to the likely lad, attic,

georgetown orbits, , shoe suede blues,
the oldians, midnight moods

Track Listing:

the skints · s/t
after my heart
subcity dwellers
kinky coo coos · montjuic boneyard
kinky coo coos · montjuic boneyard
duck soup
baba brooks
found love
easy big fella
the One night band · Hit n run
desorden publico
coming back
O'luge & Citizen Cope · movements
10 tons of dope
cumbia del leon
the Lions
this is the day
the orobians
the Godfather
the orobians
don't go away
rude city riot
in my dreams
hot knives
dave and mary
happy song
the Slackers · self medication
ska music
chris murray · cbc session
oh no
Tim Armstrong & the Aggrolites
montego sunset
menahan street band
Happy dub
Dubmatix · Renegade Rocker
one love
bob marley & wailers
taller than you are
lord tanamo
big 5
judge dread & dr ring ding
cartoon violence · whatever happened to the likely lad
shoe suede blues
georgetown orbits
talking alone
the oldians