Ska-T's Scene-ik Drive Episode October 31, 2008

Broadcast on 31-Oct-2008

10:00am - 12:00pm

come to Pats Pub Sat NOV - night band

Track Listing:

science fiction double feature
Chris Murray
the mummy
el diablo
joey altruda
the Skints
black night
bad manners
I'm a mummy
bad manners
way out mummy
bad manners
ethio steppers
the lions · jungle struttin
death car on the freeway
king apparatus
switchblade to soul
Chris Murray combo · why so rude
system crash
.38 specials
one night band
til the following night
the kingpins
the Skatalites
easy big fella
radiation kings
attack of the planet smashers
planet smashers
my boy lollipop
millie small
bela lugosis dead
mad bomber society
dead or alive
the busters
backstreet killer
the kingpins
teenager from mars
buck o nine
desorden publico
first i take the purse
one night band · hit n run
one night band · hit n run
keep a cool head
one night band · UNITY: Desmond Dekker Tribute
wait a minute
One Night Band · Hit n Run
can't stand it
one night band
so low
one night band