Ska-T's Scene-ik Drive Episode January 12, 2007

Broadcast on 12-Jan-2007

10:00am - 12:00pm

Artist, Title, Song,

one night band, way back home, crazy,
one night band, way back home, way back home,
one night band, way back home, so low,

mad caddies, , villains,
Bad manners, , happy,
easy star allstars with Morgan Heritage, radiodread, electioneering,
king django, , really,
after hours w greg lee, , mad hearted woman,

pressure cooker, future's history, future's history,
pressure cooker, future's history, mr precious,
pressure cooker, future's history, the list,
fishbone and los fabulous cadilacs, silencio=muerto, whats new pussycat,
jackie mittoo, wishbone, love life,

3 minute warning, tramps jackpot, weekend waster,
3 minute warning, tramps jackpot, the ripper,
rebelation, pounds and pence , a strut on drummond street,
sadies doll, sadies doll, moons of cheese,
sadies doll, sadies doll, apple tree,

karmacanix, karmasutra, beach party 4000,
manitario, , cool out,
boobquest, , tease,

too many crooks, , salvation,
too many crooks, , part time girl,
splitters, good time trouble, blurred tv,
skyler, skyler, Howard's Alias,
elixxers, , gold digger,
mustard plug, , lolita,
gogol bordello, , immigrant punk,

katchafire, reggae revival, reggae revival,
skatomatics, high maintenance, rudeboy vs dudeman,

jesse james, , dear jesus
jesse james, , hills vs mountains,
king django, , this pain,

Track Listing:

one night band · way back home
way back home
one night band · way back home
so low
one night band · way back home
mad caddies
Bad manners
easy star allstars with Morgan Heritage · radiodread
king django
mad hearted woman
after hours w greg lee
future's history
pressure cooker · future's history
mr precious
pressure cooker · future's history
the list
pressure cooker · future's history
whats new pussycat
fishbone and los fabulous cadilacs · silencio=muerto
love life
jackie mittoo · wishbone
weekend waster
3 minute warning · tramps jackpot
the ripper
3 minute warning · tramps jackpot
a strut on drummond street
rebelation · pounds and pence
moons of cheese
sadies doll · sadies doll
apple tree
sadies doll · sadies doll
beach party 4000
karmacanix · karmasutra
cool out
too many crooks
part time girl
too many crooks
blurred tv
splitters · good time trouble
Howard's Alias
skyler · skyler
gold digger
mustard plug
immigrant punk
gogol bordello
reggae revival
katchafire · reggae revival
rudeboy vs dudeman
skatomatics · high maintenance