Shoes On A Wire Episode July 29, 2019

S03 Episode 16 - Lulu from Diva Plavalaguna!

4:02pm - 5:04pm

Today's playlist was curated by Lulu from Diva Plavalaguna! She trekked out to CiTR to talk music, emo, the old queer punk scene in Vancouver, and to debut a Diva track <3

Catch Diva Plavalaguna playing Pride at Red Gate on August 4th, and follow @d.d.d.duchess

Track Listing:

Spicy Lady
Diva Plavalaguna · single
Dreams Come True
Black Dresses · Dreams Come True 2019
If All Else Fails (Cry and Cry Again)
Filthy Liars · If All Else Fails (Cry and Cry Again)
Body Don't Want
Crazy Bitch Separatist · To All The Crazy Bitches?!?!?!?! With All Their System Glitches?!?!?!?!?!
Mirror Frame · single
hell yeah brother (feat. Lil West, Lewis Grant, and Girls Rituals)
Laura Les · BIG SUMMER JAMS 2018
Queen Of This Shit (Prod by Sophie)
Quay Dash · single
Debby Friday · BITCHPUNK
Basic Starkist
Vantana Row · Vagina
Stop Calling Us Screamo
SeeYouSpaceCowboy · SYSC?/?/?SGKF Split
You Can't Kill Us
Hirs · You Can't Kill Us
Hold Yourself Up
Brandnew Idol Society · BiS / STUPiG