Shoes On A Wire Episode July 8, 2019

S03 Episode 13 - Celina from the Trolls!

4:02pm - 5:02pm

On August 4th, an all queer lineup of local bands are playing at Red Gate for Pride! All through the month of July I've invited artists playing Pride at Red GAYte to take over the show with their playlists. Episode 13 is the Trolls! Celina called in from Victoria so we could chat home decor, Bisexuality, and how to be a good troll.

Track Listing:

Summer Song
The Trolls · Treasure Mountain EP
Real Love
Carly Rae Jepsen · Dedicated
Gimp Mask
Devours · Iconoclast
Joni Mitchell · Hejira
Golden age of leather
Blue Oyster Cult · Spectres
Russian Roulette
Red Velvet · Red Velvet
Drain You
Nirvana · Nevermind