Shoes On A Wire Episode June 10, 2019

S03 Episode 12 - Nobody Promised You Tomorrow

4:01pm - 4:59pm

RIP Marsh P. Johnson, 1945-1992

This year marks 50 years since the Stonewall Riots in NYC, widely acknowledged to have kicked off the modern LGBTQIA2S+ rights movement. I was in Brooklyn and NYC at the beginning of June, and was lucky to see some of the art, exhibition, and history honouring 50 years of Pride. Marsha P. Johnson is famous for her participation in the Stonewall riots, and her activism in the LGBTQ community for the entirety of her short life. She is quoted talking about her activism and presence in the LGBTQ+ community as saying "What's the point of complaining? It don't get you nowhere. I may be crazy but that don't make me wrong. Nobody promised you tomorrow." This quote is on my mind heading into Pride in Vancouver. We have so much to be grateful to our queer elders for, and so much left to fight for. Nobody Promised You Tomorrow <3

Track Listing:

Feels Blind
Bikini Kill · Revolution Girl Style Now!
Hurry On Home
Sleater Kinney · single
sad Femme Club
Kimmortal · X Marks the Swirl
Like me (feat. DAISY)
Steve Lacy · Apollo XXI
Just the One Of Us
Kitty Prozac · demo
Wow! Signal
Teenage Wedding · The Sophia of Teenage Wedding
Tie the Blindfold
Pale Red · Heavy Petting
Taxidermy the Musical
Devours · Iconoclast
I M U R & Biawanna · single
Maneater · Maneater