Shoes On A Wire Episode September 6, 2018

S02 Episode 25 - Swan Song

3:59pm - 5:00pm

Happy Birthday to the world's favourite Virgo Sun, our Lord and Saviour, Queen Beyonce.

The last episode of Season 2!
See y'all some sweet day soon <3

Track Listing:

Love On Top
Beyonce · 4
Why Didn't You Stop Me
Mitski · Be the Cowboy
Chloe In the Afternoon
St. Vincent · Strange Mercy
White Dress
Wallgrin · Bird/Alien
Drew Barrymore
SZA · Ctrl
Nappy Wonder
Blood Orange · Negro Swan
Sudan Archives · Sink
Nuclear Bomb
Cherry Glazerr · Apocalipstick
Bully · Losing
GRLwood · Daddy
Hole · Pretty On the Inside
Last Lion of Albion
Neko Case · Hell-On
If You're Not Dead
Mo Kenney · The Details
Never Been Wrong · Out In the Storm
Purple Rage
Dilly Dally · Sore