Shoes On A Wire Episode April 12, 2018

S02 Episode 10 - For all the lovers

4:02pm - 4:59pm

Love songs, #riverdale spoilers (omg wut), punk rock, & some 90's inspired nostalgia.

Track Listing:

The Breeders · Safari
I'm so tired
Lonely Parade · single
Les Be In Love
Surfbort · Les Be In Love
Excuse Me?
The Coathangers · Nosebleed Weekend
We're Different Now
Aye Nako · Silver Haze
Particle Mace
Aye Nako · Silver Haze
Ann Marr · single
The Embers
Vagabon · Infinite Wounds
Your Love
The Butchies · Make Yr Life
The Club
Hinds · I Don't Run
Meet Me In The Streets
Sheer Mag · Need to Feel Your Love
Swim Team · Pop Alliance Vol. 5
Garnet Graves
Devours · Pop Alliance Vol. 5
Another Bridge Burned
Towanda · Freak of Nature