Shoes On A Wire Episode March 1, 2018

S02 Episode 5 - Don't Tell Me How to Live, unless you're Kathleen Hanna

4:03pm - 4:54pm

This week I've got a moody mix of punk, neo soul, and indie pop to sooth your hear aches. Much love to you kittens out there <3

Track Listing:

War on Women · Capture the Flag
Joyce Collingwood · LIVE
Gender Role
Dilly Dally · Single
Purple Rage
Dilly Dally · Sore
Puttin' On
Mamarudegyal · MRG EP
Jamila Woods · Single
Angel Olsen · Phases
A Line to Draw
Rio By Night · Yet The World
Lucky, Like Me
Shrouded Amps · World Well Lost
Kimmortal · Sincerity
The Way You Make Me Feel
Janelle Monae · Dirty Computer