Shine On Episode November 4, 2014

Broadcast on 04-Nov-2014

1:00pm - 2:00pm

shindig 2014 bands who have already performed and going to be performing in coming weeks. sam tudor, alea rae, the vaporettos and more

Track Listing:

don't mean nothing at all
fundamentally unsound · black in backpfeifengesicht demo
The Kappa
Pale Red · The White Mink EP
stealing helicopters
the vaporettos · the vaporettos
the darkness song
sam tudor · the modern new year
Still Creek Murder · To Shreds
screaming queens · psychedelia
legless pirate (don't give a fuck)
double standards · demos
each other
malk · malk demo
pleasure to meet you
two doges and a couple of bauds · regardless of genre
Alea Rae · Flies & Lancaster
natural selection
scotty p & the virgins · natural selection