Shameless Episode August 24, 2011

Broadcast on 24-Aug-2011

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Featuring interviews with Shaun Hatton of COBRA (as well as The Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run), Toronto MC More or Les, and a live performance in the studio with Heatwave and the Vendettas. I'm also joined by my old pal Dead Mike!

Track Listing:

Generation Handclap
Library Voices · Summer of Lust
Putting the Dog to Sleep
The Antlers · Bust Apart
rockers east vancouver
japandroids · post nothing
Ice Cream
Battles feat. Matais Aguayo · Gloss Drop
Another Body Murdered
Faith No More & the Boo-Yah T.R.I.B.E. · Judgment Night Soundtrack
Sour Note
Sun Wizard · Positvely 4th Avenue
Happy Birthday
Yadhtrib YppaH
Cobra · Cobra Destroys
Cobra · Cobra Destroys
Clean My Ducts
Megashaun · Megashaun
Turn and Dive
Cobra · Cobra Destroys
TV Date
Petroleum By-Product · Superficial Artificial
Too Many Rappers
Beastie Boys feat. NAS · Hot Sauce Committee pt. 2
Busted Gear
More or Les feat Ambition & Word Burglar · Brunch with a Vengeance
A Lotta Talk
More or Les feat. Herbalizer · Brunch with a Vengeance
Game Set and Match
Herbalizer feat. More or Les · Same As It Never Was
All She Wants to do is Dance
More or Les · Brunch with a Vengeance
Greatest MC's
The Nonce · Nonce EP
I Had Dreams
Live at CiTR
Heatwave & the Vandettas · Live at CiTR
Live at CiTR
Heatwave & the Vandettas · Live at CiTR
Fu-Schnickens · Nervous Breakdown
Swept Away
T-Train · Uneducated
Love & Hate
Run with the Heard feat. Moka Only · Run with the Heard
Scova Notions
Wordburglar · Burglartis
Ya, I Get It
Shad · TSOL
Watch the Pro
MC Esoteric · Egoclapper
Killa Danca
Lamar Ashe
100 Yard Dash
Raphael Saddiq
Eelctric Relaxation
A Tribe Called Quest · Midnight Mauraders