Shameless Episode July 14, 2010

Broadcast on 14-Jul-2010

6:30pm - 8:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Right On
The Roots · How I Got Over
New Atlantis
Plus Perfect · New Atlantis
Fine Young Canibals
Wolf Parade · At Mount Zoomer
Alex Chilton
Paul Westerberg · Live
A Whole Lot Easier
Plus Perfect · New Atlantis
The New Pornographers · Together
Already Yours
Bahamas · Pink Strat
B Line
Paper Lanterns · split w/ Fun 100
The Ethics of Camping
d.b.s. · Split w/ Hermetic
Making Sense
SSRI's · Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Windchimes
Dredge #5
Plus Perfect · New Atlantis
Curmudgeon's Club
Hermetic · split w/ Plus Perfect
2 am
certain breeds · s/t
Bastard's Dance
Plus Perfect
Plus Perfect