Shameless Episode November 1, 2009

Broadcast on 01-Nov-2009

3:00pm - 5:00pm

The members of 7's 9's and 10's stop by to chat and play a set. Also, episode 2 of "Animal E.R."

Track Listing:

rockers east vancouver
japandroids · post nothing
How Does It Feel?
Zeus · Sounds Like Zeus
Mexican Circus
Volcanoless in Canada · The Way Forward
Davy Jones' Locker
Luna Riot · s/t
Transmission 3
Sevens, Nines and Tens · s/t
Danny Elfman · So-Lo
Love is the Law
Seahorses · Love is the Law
Taste of Chaos Ensemble · Mastadon's Ensemble
Hand Over Fist
Drive Like Jehu · s/t
Way Down
NASA · Spirit of Apollo
Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' to Fuck Wit
RZA feat. Tom Morello & Chad Smith · Loud Rocks
Day of the Living
7's 9's and 10's · s/t
Lost My America
I Mother Earth · Dig
From Every End, There's Always a Start
Pateince Product · Change of Heart, Change of Tune
Said the Whale · Islands Dissapear
Little Girls · Concepts
Walking Commotion
We are Wolves · Invisible Violence
Designer Drugs
Fake Shark! Real Zombie! · Zebra! Zebra!
Katastroyka · s/t demos
Celebrating 85 years
Alberta's Hunter · The In-between creature
A Dire and Ever Circling Ghost
Jakartah · In the Nervous Lights of Co-Incidence
Finishing Infinity · n/a
Too Loud for this City
Sub-City · s/t
live set
7's 9's and 10's · live