Shadow Jugglers Episode August 1, 2009

Broadcast on 01-Aug-2009

7:10am - 9:03am

Hello to all Shadow Jugglers!

We've got a very special guest tonight hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. J-Roc has been ripping it up in the studio in the last several months dropping bomb after bomb on the unsuspecting public.

If funky breaks, hiphop, electro, and all-around bad-assness is what you're looking for, be sure to tune in tonight!

Support from DJ Soo!


[Good Groove Records/Rough Sawn Records/Sovereign House Records/Rockstar Tuesdays, Suite 69]

Soul'd Out Dj's Have been killing it in the scene in Edmonton lately with their weekly "sould out" night, Rockstar Tuesday. Playing on 4 turntables and 2 mixers and remixing all your favorite dance classics from 50s to 80s to now, these guys have been packin' dance floors and blowin' minds since their arrival back in Canada two years ago. With musical influence ranging from anything from old school hip hop to house to old funk, new funk, these guys have devised a unique way of incorporating a little bit of everything into their sets. Jeremie Voillot (Dj Deliverance) and Jason Osborne (J-roc) have been long time buddy's playing clubs and parties around North and Central American and the Caribbean.

The Dj Deliverance and J-Roc coalition has opened for, and played along side some of the biggest names in the music industry. Some of Sould Out's latest tracks have hit the top 20 chart on beatport with others being played on air on the UK's biggest station KISS FM by Fabrics Dj ALI B. With 4 more releases soon to hit vinyl and a few more on the digital side, these guys are definitely helping to put Canada on the map for underground and club music.

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