Shadow Jugglers Episode November 14, 2006

Broadcast on 14-Nov-2006

10:03am - 11:55am

***Shadow Jugglers Special Edition***
(Available via podcast exclusively)

Is it midweek? Does Saturday night seem like an oasis in the far off distance?

Well, you're in luck.

We've trecked out to the studio on a foggy Tuesday night in order to compile this celebration of beats & basslines, and so now you'll have a little sump'n to tide over your appetite until next Saturday.

MP Coast to Coast starts off the show with some of the best damn jungle this side of the Amazon.
Vancouver legend Noradawntribe follows the deep rhythms and inner pulsations of the core of the earth,
and it might just shake you down to your own foundations.
Socool drops some choons, cos she does that sometimes.
And finally, DJ Soo closes the show with an epic birthday set, guaranteed to make you wiggle.