Sexy In Van City Episode April 7, 2010

TCM in Today's Fast Food Culture

10:02am - 11:06am

Tonight's show focuses on finding wellness in our sexuality and relationships in todays fast food culture. As health concerns such as impotence, prostate health and women's sexual health issues no longer front page but mainstream media, perhaps examing different ways to embrace wellness into our lives might be beneficial for all of us.

Special guest, Kevin Scrimgeour & I will discuss the Books focused on the early ideas relating to the tao of sex and TCM books about sex, basic techniques to enhance sexual energy and taoist tantric sex practice. TCM benefits the whole person spiritually, emotionally and physically. By engaging in practices that benefit one's well being, this practice will also benefit one's sexual and relational aspects.

Other tangents include discussion regarding the difference between modern trends in sex and ancient ideas of sex as a way to intimacy and ultimately to spiritual enlightenment if not abundant health.