Seeking Office Episode December 20, 2018

Vancouver's 2019 Property Tax Increase

2:30pm - 3:30pm

From CiTR's News Collective, this is season two of Seeking Office — At-Large. Bringing you innovative storytelling from Metro Vancouver.

Vancouver City Council approved the $1.5 billion 2019 budget on Tuesday, December 18th, as well as a capital project budget of $371 million. The City's 2019 draft budget included a proposed 4.9% property tax rate, but council was able to reduce that rate to 4.5% in the final budget. This episode features perspectives from those who attended City Council's budget debate both in favour of, and opposed to, the 2019 property tax hike.

Track Listing:

A Little Lost
Pale Red · Heavy Petting
Time Waste
Vincent Augustus · Time Waste