Saturday Edge Episode January 13, 2024

Round The Horn

8:00am - 12:00pm

Music from many performers who are coming to play Rogue shows in Vancouver in the next few months, and many more who have performed here in the last few years. All the other songs are from artists we would LOVE to see in town one day. Some day soon! We may be living in hard times and it's definitely too cold to go out today, but the music is amazing these days. Wrap yourself warmly in woolies and CiTR!

Track Listing:

Music For A Found Harmonium
Patrick Street · Irish Times
Kwentiwa Yini
Bholoja · Songlines #194 Top Of The World
Va a Ver
Mito y Comadre · Songlines #194 Top Of The World
Okan · Okantomi
Put It Down
Mutabaruka · Songlines #194 Top Of The World
Que Me Quemen Tus Ojos
Julieta Laso · Songlines #194 Top Of The World
El Hara
Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary · Songlines #194 Top Of The World
Open Eyes
Alam Khan & Arjun K. Verma w/ Del Sol Quartet · The Resonance Between
Om Mani Padme Hung
Yungchen Lhamo · Ama
Loogaroo · Nautilus
When We Fly
Siger · When We Fly
Broes · Botanist
Bánáti Angyal - Banatian Angel
Times New Román · Songlines #194 Top Of The World
Tid Att Komma Hem - Time To Come Home
Frander · II
Kung Björns Polska
Frander · II
Symbio · Endeavour
Medusa · Medusa
Morgan Toney · First Flight
The Blues Dharma
Harry Manx · Om Suite Ohm
Late at Night
Hazmat Modine · Bonfire
I Like It Hot
LJ Mounteney · Mama Danced
Muireann Bradley · I Kept These Old Blues
Magic #9
Unfaithful Servants · The Unfaithful Servants
Story of Our Times
The Fugitives · No Help Coming
October in the Railroad Earth
Tom Russell · October in the Railroad Earth
There Was A Time
Gunning & Cormier · Leather & Dust
One More Fire
Ryan McMahon · Live
In Spite of Ourselves
Gino Lupari w/ Cathy Jordan · No Turning Back
My Girl Josephine
Gino Lupari · No Turning Back
Ma Louise
Le Vent du Nord · 20 Printemps
Le Bal chez Jos Brûlé
La Bottine Souriante · Domino!
Pour oublier
La Bottine Souriante · Domino!
The Times They Are A-Changin’
Réalta · Thing of the Earth
Parcel Of Rogues
Windborne · Of Hard Times & Harmony
I Live In A Country
Karan Casey · Nine Apples O fGold
High on a Hill @30 (feat. Sarah Jarosz)
Kate Rusby · 30: Happy Returns
Salish Sea
The Faux Paws · Backburner
The Rounding Of Cape Horn
Jim Causley · Devonshire Roses
Waltz Around The Cape
Miscellany Of Folk · Atlantic Sounds
Leave Her Johnny
Pat Chessell · The Ghosts Of Yesterday
Girl From Boston
Pat Chessell · The Ghosts Of Yesterday
Shopkeeper's Daughter
Pat Chessell · The Ghosts Of Yesterday
Project Smok · The Outset
Project Smok · The Outset
Gabe's Reels
Collage Trad · Single
L'Air Mignonne / Luke Skywalker Walks On Sunshine
Imar · Afterlight
Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys · The Wishing Tree
Journeys Home
Rura · Dusk Moon
Want to Fly Want to Flee
Sam Sweeney · Escape That
The Ones That I Love
Mama's Broke · Narrow Line
Austerity Alphabet
Jez Lowe · The Ballad Beyond
Come All You Jolly Ploughboys
John Kirkpatrick · Coat-Tails Flying
Bass Hornpipe
Leveret · Forms
Twin Embers & Graham Lindsey · Single
I'm a Rover
Siobhan Miller · Bloom